Sunday, April 11, 2010

Edward Cullen's bedroom

I love the style of the Cullen's mansion from the Twilight series - ceiling to floor windows - light and airy rooms - simple lines....*sigh* I'm listening to Clare de Lune as I write this blog in bed and it makes me want to paint all the walls shades of white and grey and go on a white furniture rampage at Ikea.

(a little voice whispers, but soft, what mess through 4 dogs break.....)
I saw a Feng Shui specialist on TV who said despite thoughts to the contrary, animals bring feng shui into a household. It's hard to imagine how four clunky dogs can do such a thing when it's actually about simplicity and cleanliness....but also about energy...and these particular owners get kind, sweet energy from their pups. We try to maintain sacred rooms the dogs may not enter - the study, the bedroom, the master bathroom....but as I type a lab just sat up and stretched in bed next to me and a German Shepherd has her head next to my feet. Clearly white furniture won't suffice.

But why don't I get to my point....?

If I can't have the entire Cullen mansion I will take a piece from Edwards bedroom - his bookcase.


Booklovers understand. There's something emotional about books, particularly favorites. The nostalgia they inspire whether they are fresh and well taken care of or a more 'experienced' tattered favorite.

I love the personality of this bookcase, it's minimalistic without being cold, it's size suggests....these are the favorites - display with meaning.

I have a wall picked in the bedroom that I haven't known what to do with but I think I do now. My mind is racing trying to figure out how to construct this myself, searches on the internet haven't yielded too many options just yet, at least none that aren't more than a little overpriced. Plus the wall is maybe too large for the exact bookcase in Edward's room....I'm considering numerous Ikea shelves scattered across a wall that will probably be a similar spin on it.
This should work perfectly, I've never been the type to put out a lot of knick knacks or prints, I like the art in my house to have meaning...and I like to underdo it. And I love my books.

Poor T....another project to be added onto the ones we're already behind on. I'm just not happy if I'm not gutting a house.

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