Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Breaking Dawn

I was harped on by months to finish The Twilight series and here we are at the end. Twilight has been an experience of its’ own, probably accounting for the almost cult like devotion from the fans and the journey it led us all on…..everyone knows someone who reminds them of the Voulturi or Jacobs’s sweet, protective nature. The thing I hate about once in a lifetime books is they rarely satisfy, instead you find yourself turning to the last page shocked that it’s over and wishing there was just one more chapter or one more book….

That said – I’m more stoked than ever about the next two movies and can’t wait to find myself at the movie theatre, resisting the urge to fall asleep at a sensible hour. I hope Stephanie Meyer continues with the story of Renesme but it’s doubtful.

I’ve been meaning to start including my favorite quotes for my book journal and here it is from Breaking Dawn:

"Is there no hope, then?" Carlisle whispered. There was no fear in his voice.
Just determination and acceptance.

"There is absolutely hope," I murmured
back. It could be true, I told myself. "I only know my own fate."

Edward took my hand. He knew that he was included. When I said my fate, there was no question that I meant the two of us. We were just halves of the whole.

I just love this book and the characters. Big hugs to my fellow Twilighters!

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