Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our New Bedroom

Sept 11th-13th Kellie and I spent the entire weekend fixing little problems with the house. We got the trim stapled into place and the molding painted. The house looks brand new now. I also spent a great majority of the weekend fixing the creeking wood floors, which are now silent, and installing a new towel rack in the bathroom. But the fun part of the weekend was the bed room.
We took everything out of the bed room, and I mean everything. Fixed the floors, painted the ceiling white and the walls grey. I know I was more than a little scared myself but could not be happier with the colors that Kellie picked out. The above shot is of the bed rooms lighter color (gravity) while the lower shot shows the accent wall painted in drizzling mist.

The color looks blue here, but it is actually a very nice shade of grey with blue accents. I will post the art work that we hung on the walls latter tomorrow.