Monday, December 14, 2009

Pictures with Santa!

I can't think of a better pack I'd rather load up and take to PetsMart to see Santa. I've wanted to do this ever since I've had Maddie but always missed it.

This was just the right year I suppose, I think everyone is ready for a new start in 2010.

Lighting of the Capital Christmas Tree

This is the first year I've gone out to see the actual lighting of the Capital Christmas Tree (I learned on the capital grounds TJ had never seen it at all - gasp). We dropped by our favorite haunts - Home Slice and Hey Cupcake first. I'm not going to lie, it was so cold that once we got the cupcakes and we landed our table at Home Slice I asked TJ if he wanted to just drive by the tree. It worked out though, TJ made it VIP and grabbed parking right in front of the capital. I like the picture of him in front of the water fountain, he figured out how to turn it on by himself.

New Moon

I have had the worst flu but want to post a few updates today so I'm starting with pics I ganked from my sister's blog (thanks Steph).

This is from the New Moon viewing on November 20th. We met up with the family and had our traditional dinner together at Casa de Garcia's and then TJ and I headed to Steph's for the Twilight viewing. We dropped by the theatre first to see if a line had begun forming and sure enough, there were already people in line at 7:45 PM. We decided at Steph's to alter the game plan and get there earlier than 10. I honestly think we were there and in our seats by 9.

The first hour was pretty funny, we were laughing, taking pics, getting snacks, debating attributes of Jacob vs. Edward.....then the next hour:


We're too old to stay up this late!!! Once we got to 11:00 it picked up speed. Poor TJ, I think he was one of maybe 6 guys in that theatre. He's hardcore.

Anyway we had a lot of fun and Steph developed her 'signature pose' so I had to imitate it in EVERY picture.
*pulls hair*
I'm still an Edward kind of girl but admit Team Jacob isn't too shabby. :)